Thursday, February 19, 2015

The other side of the Kurdish victory in Kobani

February 19, 2015 
By Goran Zaneti S.
Your Middle East

"Celebrations were indeed in order when Kurdish forces kicked out the Islamic State from Kobani. But most locals are unable to return – and of those who do, many end up killed by deadly traps placed by ISIS militants."

The month of January ended with the positive news that the city of Kobani had been cleared of the last remaining Islamic State or ISIS terrorists after months of battle. Kurds celebrated the key victory in the city and across the border at camps in Turkey. However, weeks after its liberation, the small city and its environs are hardly free of the dangers created by ISIS. Kurdish fighters of the People’s Protection Units, or YPG, may have completely driven ISIS out of the territory but the risk of explosive remnants of war remain. These dangers in addition to the destruction resulting from four months of siege means a long road ahead for the people of Kobani.

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