Friday, December 2, 2016

New film coming soon: Resistance Is Life

We are currently working hard to release our upcoming independent film, Resistance is Life; an incredible story of hope and resilience in the midst of war and struggle. Our feature documentary brings you up close with the refugees trapped on the border of Turkey and Syria as well as the volunteer fighters that defended against the hostile takeover of their town, Kobane, by ISIS terrorists.

Head on over to our film's official website and learn about the eight-year-old girl, Evlin, who characterizes the resilience of Kobane’s resistance through her experiences in a refugee camp.

Website and movie trailer at

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Interview: The Kurdish Fight and the Syrian Conflict

February 22, 2016 
WBEZ 91.5 Chicago

This week, I was featured as a guest on NPR affiliate WBEZ 91.5 Chicago to discuss tensions between Turkey and Kurds and the conflict in Syria with the host of the station's Worldview program, Jerome McDonnell.

Listen to the interview on SoundCloud:

In the immediate aftermath of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s announcement of a possible breakthrough on a ceasefire in Syria, yesterday, terrorist attacks ripped through Damascus killing more than 100 people. The carnage adds to an already volatile situation as a major player in the fighting, Turkey, has ramped up verbal attacks on the U.S. and the West for not being more aggressive towards Kurdish fighters it views as terrorists. The number of various Kurdish factions in and around Syria complicates matters further. 

We talk about the Kurdish actors in Syria and their connections to Turkey with Goran Zaneti, a Kurdish American and independent journalist who writes on Middle East affairs. He’s currently producing a documentary on Kurdish refugees stuck on the Turkish-Syria border called 'Resistance is Life'.